Is Mod_Security module enabled on hosting accounts?

Is Mod_Security module enabled on hosting accounts?

Mod_security is an Apache server module that helps to protect websites from various attacks from outside.

This module is used to block commonly known so-called exploits. Security is implemented by a set of ready-made rules that are based on the so-called regular expressions. On servers, this module was enabled by default from November 7, 2014. Mod_Security can protect against some code injection attacks, which increases the security of hosting accounts on the server.

Sometimes when creating dynamic websites (which currently account for over 90% of existing websites), programmers forget to test the code for protection against attacks by not validating input data, e.g. in forms. Mod_security can help in these cases by checking the data that users enter.

Mod_Security can be turned off independently in the cPanel for each of the hosting accounts.

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