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multiple backbone internet providers, direct access to Internet Exchange Points and reduntant connections and equipment

Technical background - datacenter and bandwitdh

All Smarthost servers are located in our own datacenter (we do not collocate our machines at any other places). As an ISP, we have several independent backbone providers. We are also connected to couple of Internet Exchange Points. Advanced routing allows us to dynamically and optimally distribute internet traffic. 

Multiple power feed lines

Technical background - power reliability

Smarthost datacenter power is supplied from independent and separate power feed lines. In order to ensure continuity in our server systems we use automatic power supply switching. Power stability is ensured, among others, by: automatic switching between primary and backup power sources ...

cooling, air conditioning, humidity

Technical background - cooling, air conditioning, humidity

In order to ensure ideal conditions for equipment operation and to ensure reliable operation of the cooling and dehumidification of the server room, we used an independently working air conditioners. They have a very wide range of possibilities with full control of humidity (dehumidification), remote control and monitoring. They are connected to separate circuits, other than the server room ones. 

Datacenrer: monitoring and access control

Technical background - monitoring, security, access monitoring

The datacenter is equipped with a comprehensive alarm system, which in addition to the standard motion sensors, fire and smoke detectors, has an additional video monitoring system which allows for a constant overview of the situation inside the server rooms. The premises are protected by a specialized security agency. Access to the rooms is secured by, among others, individual access codes for our employees. 

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