Terms of Service
§ 1. Subject of the Regulations

The present Regulations lay down the principles of provision and quality assurance with regards to the services of making available and maintaining website hosting on the Internet provided by Smarthost Sp. z o. o. under the brand Smarthost (hereinafter: Smarthost).

The terms used below shall mean:

  1. Smarthost - entity providing the Services electronically in accordance with the provisions of the following Regulations, i.e. Smarthost Sp. z o. o., whose electronic addresses, registered office and address are specified under the following address: https://www.smarthost.eu.
  2. Regulations - the present Services Provision Regulations, issued on the basis of Art. 8, passage 1 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means, available at the website https://www.smarthost.eu
  3. Price List - list of Smarthost prices, available under the address https://www.smarthost.eu
  4. Contract – the contract entered into between Smarthost and the Customer for the provision of Services, an integral part of which are the present Regulations.
  5. Customer - natural person, legal person and an organizational unit not having a legal personality, with full capacity, who contracted Smarthost to provide the Services, by way of filling out an electronic order form available on the website https://www.smarthost.eu
  6. Consumer - a natural person who enters into a contract for the provision of services, or on behalf of whom such a contract is entered into, for a purpose not directly related to business or professional operations conducted thereby.
  7. Party – Smarthost or Customer, jointly called the Parties.
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