Free SSL Certificates
free SSL certificates

How to obtain a free SSL certificate?

Free SSL certificate ( Cpanel brand, signed by one of the most known authorization centers: Comodo), is automatically added after you create a domain in “Addon domains” .The Installation itself ( SSL certificate generation) takes couple of minutes most of the time.

The certificate can’t generate if:

  • While adding domain, the DNSs weren't changed for the DNSs of our servers ( certificate of DV type,are authorized by reference to a domain),
  • Instructions in .htaccess file are denying access for our website, redirects it for another web or a web with https prefix.

If you met situations like mentioned before, another attempts of certificate generation will occur every hour.

Validation of free SSL certificate for the next period.

Free SSL certificate are valid for 3 months. Right before the end date, it will renew automatically,so we have a feeling,that it’s permanent.

Free SSL certificate parameters.

  • Price: costless
  • Recognized by 99.0 % of browsers
  • Public key RSA 2048 bits
  • 128/256 bits encryption
  • Green padlock guaranteed

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