Domain transfer

When you transfer a domain, you’re changing a service administration of it between diffirent domain registrars. While transfering a domain to Smarthost,eu you gain very affordable renewal prices,but also, if you have a hosting plan on our server – very easy access to all of your services from our client panel.

The transfer itself is free, but to finish the procedure,you will be charged with the yearly cost, and the period of one year will be added to time that domain is still valid.

To start a transfer, you will need AuthInfo code. You can obtain it by contactingyour current registrar of domain and afterwards they responsibiltyis to provide you with this code
in 7 days top, of course free of charge.

If you will have some issues with: obtaining AuthInfo code, finding where actuallythe domain is registered, please don’t hesitate to contact us via helpdesk or chat, we always ensure our customers getting best service.

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