Free hosting migration

When you choose one of our hosting plans, sometimes you will need help with data migration from your current server. We can take care of whole migration process - absolutely free of charge.

(And since we have a decent anti-exploit scripts that secures Yours Wordpress/Joomla application, because we have free SSL certificates, because we have reliable and fast technical support via chat and help desk, because You simply like us or whatever other reason you may have)

We can migrate all your data, including your websites and e-mail accounts (with all e-mails also with IMAP folders: Received, Sent i.e.)

What we need for migration:

  • The name of already created account at,
  • An order of migration with the access to your current hosting server (the administration panel).

We perform migration of webstite and e-mails at the time agreed with you, in a way that makes changing the hosting server as little as possible.

If you would like to order a migration process of your hosting serveces, please feel free to contact us via e-mail:

Basic guidelines of free hosting migration