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basic guidelines

We transfer services from other hosting providers as part of a free migration to

Migration to Smarthost: account transfer procedure

When carrying out the transfer to us, we operate comprehensively, i.e. we transfer all the indicated services, so that after the completion of the work, the indicated pages and e-mail will work from us from the server.

The procedure for transferring hosting to Smarthost is as follows: 

  • We receive the required data from the client
  • We confirm that the data is correct, we can log in to the appropriate panels, etc.
  • We set a date for the transfer and reserve it for the client
  • We perform the migration on the agreed date (domain configuration, transfer of files, databases, e-mail accounts)
  • We verify the correct loading of the transferred pages from our server
  • We are changing dns servers for domains, from that moment websites and e-mail work from our servers (usually the so-called propagation of dns changes throughout the Internet continues - from several hours to even 24 hours)

Migration to Smarthost: deadlines

  • We usually migrate your accounts to us within a few days of reporting - however, please report them a few days before the date that suits you - we always want to arrange your transfer for a specific date, reserved for you.
  • We recommend reporting the migration at least 2 weeks before the current hosting expires - the migration itself is fast, but sometimes there are unforeseen complications (e.g. missing passwords, old or inactive e-mails assigned to the service, unusual software versions, e.g. very old versions PHP, very slow transfer when copying data, etc.). All complications are usually solvable, but sometimes they take time - we encourage you to transfer with spare time to avoid your unnecessary stress.
  • We usually migrate between 8:00 and 24:00 on all days of the week. Of course, you can make an appointment for a specific day, eg Tuesday after 5:00 pm, Friday after 8:00 pm, Sunday from 8:00 am, etc. We set the starting time together with the client - depending on the amount of data to be transferred. 

Migration to Smarthost: Information Required

To transfer the services, we need access to the following data:

  • Previous server's content management panel
    (Most often it is access to the cPanel, DirectAdmin, Server Panel, where you can create FTP accounts, change the password for mailboxes, export databases).
  • Domain management panel
    (It is an access to the panel where you can change DNS for a given domain. Often the domain management panel is in the server content management panel.)

We also need the following list with information:

  • Account names on
    For example:
  • List of mailboxes to be transferred.
    Optional: we need the names of the mailboxes with passwords. We suggest that you set the same, temporary password at the time of transfer. On some hosting, we can read the encrypted passwords, we will then set them with us, which will be convenient for you, because it will not require changing e-mail passwords. Unfortunately, in most cases you will need to change your e-mail passwords. Of course, all e-mails will be transferred (outgoing and incoming e-mail).
    The format we recommend for sending a list of mailboxes and passwords is:;password
  • List of domains and directories to be transferred.
    We need the list of domains and directories when there are more domains on the account and only some of them are not to be transferred.

If two-factor authorization (2FA) is enabled on your current hosting account or service management panel, i.e. a code is sent to an SMS or e-mail when logging in, please temporarily disable this functionality. Optionally, we will ask you to send me the codes needed to log in. 

Please send the list of information to

Transfer of domain support to Smarthost

If you want to transfer the domain service to Smarthost, you should obtain the auth-info code from your current registrar. Each domain operator is obliged to issue the Auth-info code free of charge within 7 days at the Subscriber's request. Different operators have different applications, so if in doubt, please ask your current operator or ask us - we will try to help.

After obtaining the Auth-info code for the domain, go to our home page and enter the obtained auth-info code in the "Domains → Domain Transfer" tab.
The domain transfer process should be approved with the link received to the e-mail address assigned to the domain.

The transfer of .com and .eu domains is payable at the moment of starting the transfer. The amount is the price of the domain extension for another year. This year is added immediately after the transfer to the current validity period of the domain.

You can also enter the auth-info code in the list of domains to be transferred.
We will then start the domain transfer, but you must confirm the domain transfer by clicking on the activation link.

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