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At Smarthost, we assume that successful cooperation is based on friendly relations with business partners. We are united by the desire to provide the best solutions to our clients.

At Smarthost, we choose only the best IT specialists related to popular CMS such as Joomla!, WordPress and oour other partners.
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technical site audit
IT support
Specialization: Joomla
jDoctor.pl (Michał Trzepizur)

A service consisting in scanning a website in order to verify whether it contains suspicious files, exploits, rootkits. Every website on the web is vulnerable to attack. Are you sure your website is not infected? Thanks to the website scanning service, you can check it. To scan the website, we use specialized software with a database of over 3,000 exploits, which was created precisely to recognize infections and suspicious code in website files. We also deal with removing the effects of an attack and securing websites. Remember, you should have periodic medical examinations at the doctor's office at least once a year! Your website needs it too.

Specialization: WordPress
WPmagus (Krzysztof Dróżdż)

In business language - software house, more humanly - magicians, i.e. those who will conjure up everything in the code that is needed to implement your business plans (and more). Our goal is to provide reliable solutions based on WordPress that will be safe, efficient and comfortable to use, and at the same time will not ruin your budget.

We deal with all programming work related to WordPress:

  • we create websites (company websites, stores, etc.) and proprietary plugins implementing advanced functionalities,
  • we carry out audits of existing services (security, efficiency or implementation correctness),
  • we help when problems arise (we remove the effects of an infection, we help recover pages after an attack),
  • we provide technical and design consultations for advanced implementations,
  • we provide a technical care service for operating websites.

Specialization: WordPress, WooCommerce

Highly rated, 7-day comprehensive WordPress and WooCommerce care that takes care of every aspect of your website with unlimited emergency support in a convenient, commitment-free monthly subscription.

Maintenance, Care, Security, and Speed for WordPress:

  • Technical support and continuous care
  • Regular updates
  • Content development and management on the website
  • Speeding up and optimizing WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Virus protection and monitoring
  • Cloud backups
  • 24/7 performance monitoring
  • Option for 7-day emergency support
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Specialization: WordPress
e-wsparcie.com.pl (Barbara Muszko)

The Internet image of your company. Today (after more than eight years of operation), e-support is not only Barbara Muszko, but a team of specialists - each with several years of experience in their field. We help companies to effectively exist on the Internet.

  • Web developer - will create a modern website or online store and take care of them so that they are always up-to-date and safe.
  • Graphic designer - will create a graphic image of your company from logos to roll-ups.
  • Copywriter - knows how to describe your company, products you sell, services you provide in an attractive and friendly way
  • for search engines.
  • A marketer - she efficiently moves among internet advertisements, her hobby is social media.
  • Doodle video maker - will draw a video for you ...
  • Programmer - a man for special tasks.

Tell us what your company needs!

Specialization: Joomla
Dajnowiec.pl (Sebastian Dajnowiec)

Our offer includes mainly websites made in Responsive Web Design technology. We create online business cards for small and medium-sized companies, "Portfolio" websites, online product catalogs, online stores. We will also refresh and change the appearance of your current website, adapting it to the current trends. We migrate websites based on CMS Joomla! 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 to the latest version of the system. We develop guides and help materials for website administrators and management. We provide advice and consultations.

Specialization: WordPress, branding
haiku.com.pl (Michał Pliszka)

Our company has been operating on the market since 2007. Many years of experience, knowledge, professionalism and individual approach to each order have allowed us to gain many satisfied customers.

What we do?

We build websites and online stores and SEO

First of all, we build and effectively optimized websites and online stores. We operate comprehensively, and each project is created by a team of experienced specialists: graphic designers, copywriters and web developers. The websites are created based on our own ideas, but also on customer suggestions. Thanks to this approach, visual and content effects as well as maximum optimization of websites for search engines, which is always consistent with Google's rules, allow the brand to quickly appear on the Internet and attract the attention of its potential customers. We create websites mainly based on the WordPress engine.

Professional branding

However, we know that a website alone is not enough for a brand to become recognizable. To achieve this effect, we offer effective promotion and advertising in the form of comprehensive branding. Professional brands are distinguished by image consistency. It is therefore up to us to create a well-thought-out online and offline communication strategy. It is the basis that leads to the recognition of a given company or institution. Therefore, we create advanced and, above all, uniform visual identification systems, starting from the logo or logotype, through physical advertising materials (leaflets, brochures, notebooks, etc.). We promote the brand online (advertising) and support social media.

Tell us what your company needs and we will be happy to help you become visible on the Internet!

Specialization: WordPress, Seo, technical site audit

WEBEST WordPress Care
In each subscription option, we take care of:

  • Updating WordPress, plugins, themes, and PHP.
  • Creating daily server backups, with backups stored for 3 months. Restoration of the site from backups if needed.
  • Security and malware scans conducted daily.
  • Monthly reporting.
  • Handling support requests via email or phone.
  • Comprehensive site audit, security audit, and security updates once a year.
  • SEO: Monitoring online visibility, site speed, usability, and reports from Google Search Console and Google Search Console Insights.
  • Personal data protection in accordance with data protection and privacy regulations.
  • Providing licenses for WPML and ACF Pro updates for free.
  • Monitoring Google Analytics and Google Cloud reports.
  • Maintaining documentation.
  • Reviewing and updating accessibility statements (applies to entities covered by the law on digital accessibility of websites).

We conduct a technical site audit with recommendations and proposed solutions for reported issues.

What else can we do as part of our care services?
Additional actions:

  • SEO: Optimizing the site for search engine rankings, improving page speed, and addressing poor performance on Google's Core Web Vitals.
  • Monitoring integrated services (e.g., maps, Facebook applications).
  • Uptime monitoring to ensure the continuous operation of the site.
  • Verification of message deliveries from forms to ensure they reach their intended destinations.
  • Graphic support.
  • Auditing and reporting on the results of marketing activities.
  • Accessibility audits and ensuring digital accessibility.
Specialization: Websites, SEO, SMM, SEO, IT support

Pixeltro is a leading digital marketing agency that helps you advertise business online and grow its presence. We offer a wide range of services, including: Website and online store design and development | SEM & SMM services | Mobile app development | Branding and marketing | SEO optimization | IT support.

What can you expect when working with us:

  • Free website audit
  • Web & Ecommerce development
  • Digital marketing, which includes SEM & SMM
  • Data analysis and testing
  • Community management & tagging in your social profiles
  • Branding & Logo design
  • Marketing, PR & Brand strategy
  • Sales & Marketing copywriting

Our business has extensive experience in everything from Social Media Marketing to the construction of brand-new websites to allow you to sell your products and services to the masses.

We have been in this business for many years now, since 2008, marketing products such as mobility scooters or luxury clothes to markets all over Europe. It would be a pleasure for us to help with your brand next!

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WordPress hosting

Speed and performance: full SSD, http/2, multiple cache methods, free data migration, free SSL certificates

Joomla! hosting

Speed and performance: high I/O, a lot of memory, full SSD, http/2, free SSL certificates, technical support

PrestaShop hosting

Security and performance: full separation, anti-exploit technology, full SSD, http/2, free SSL certificates

Dedicated servers

Wherever high computing power is required, you can choose from our dedicated servers in our own server room located in Central Europe.

VPS servers

When you need to configure an operating system on our hosting platform, it's a good idea to choose your own VPS with cPanel and root access.

Domains registration

Several hundred types of domains from all around the world can be registered at Smarthost.eu. Our prices are affordable for everyone.

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