Hosting plan nvme-litespeed-mini

fastest hosting for beginners

The faster hosting for beginners


,00 €
net, annual
  • Storage: 5 GB
  • Bandwidth: unlimited
  • Domains: 5
  • E-mail accounts: 10
  • NVMe Storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Hosting for Wordpress
  • LiteSpeed server
  • Hosting Panel: panel zarządzania hostingiem cPanel
  • Redis server
  • Multi PHP versions
  • Antiexploit system
  • Full account separation
  • Daily backup
  • Servers in Europe
  • SSH access
  • Chat online 24h
  • Free migration

NVME-litespeed-mini plan is the smallest package in case of capacity based on commercial LiteSpeed server. In this hosting package there is LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) plugin available right with dedicated instance of Redis server – this combination allows to gain best performance of your website on internet.

LiteSpeed hosting plans are the fastest on internet,offering best efficiency with lot of server resources (processor,RAM memory,I/O) and fast storage drives (SSD drives connected in matrix).

LiteSpeed – http server,fully compatible with Apache,but faster. LiteSpeed includes lot of newest technologies like: TLS 1.3,QUIC protocol,WAF, Anti-DDOS and more.

Redis - we provide to our customers an access to a modern data storage used as a cache. Each user has their own , independent Redis server instance with a capacity of 200MB for data. You can connect to Redis server using a socket or port, the data is password protected. You can manage your Redis server inctance from cPanel dedicated plugin created by

LSCache – most popular,and considered as fastest cache mechanizm right now,multiplying several times speed of website. We provide reday-to-go WordPress LSCache plugin. LSCache system works perfectly with Redis storage server.

NVMe - all customer data is stored on ultra-fast NVMe disks connected in a RAID array. NVMe is currently the fastest type of disk available.

Basic features of nvme-litespeed hosting

  • servers entirely built on high-speed NVMe disks connected in an array
  • very large amount of RAM allocated to the customer account
  • large processor resources (one full Intel Xeon processor core)
  • HTTP / 3 protocol support (significantly accelerating the presentation of websites)
  • websites are managed by the commercial LiteSpeed Enterprise server
  • each account has a dedicated Redis instance
  • the account has SSH access
  • there are many ways of caching: opcache, memcached, redis, etc.
  • packets have unlimited read from disks (I / O) parameters for maximum performance

Other nvme-litespeed hosting options include

  • the ability to independently change the PHP version (7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1) - the version is set for a specific domain
  • an anti-exploit system that detects several thousand exploits for popular scripts
  • free SSL certificates (to choose from: cPanel / Sectigo or Let's Encrypt)
  • continuous and professional technical support (our website chat is handled by administrators, not consultants)
  • the latest version of the world's best hosting management panel: cPanel in Polish
  • full separation of hosting accounts based on LVE technology (hosting accounts work almost like separate vps servers)
  • daily backup - backups are available from the last 7 days
  • possibility of free testing of the account for 14 days
Storage 5 GB
Bandwidth unlimited
Domains 5
E-mail accounts 10
Databases 5
NVMe Storage
Free SSL certificates
Hosting for Wordpress
FTP accounts 5
Subdomains unlimited
LiteSpeed server
Hosting Panel: panel zarządzania hostingiem cPanel
LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache)
Redis server
WordPress Manager
http/3 + QUIC
Multi PHP versions
Switch PHP version
MySQL 5.7
PostgreSQL Databases
Antiexploit system
Full account separation
Daily backup
Servers in Europe
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Advanced anti-spam and anti-virus systems
Own RBL system
Anti-DDoS Filtering
CPU resources 1 core
RAM for account 1 GB
Concurrent processes 20
Limit of files unlimited
I/O read unlimited
Additional performance parameter - CPU Cores up to 4
Additional performance parameter - RAM up to 4
Additional performance parameter - concurrency processes up to 60
SSH access
Dedicated IP optional
Dedicated IPv6
SSL certificate instalation
DNS Zone Editor
Full .htaccess configuration
Cron access
Technical Support 24h
Chat online 24h
Free 14 days test account
Free migration
GDPR compliance
Annual net price:
,00 €
Annual price is permanent.
Renewal price of the hosting plan will be the same every year.

The nvme-litespeed package is recommended for WordPress websites and online stores in particular WooCommerce and PrestaShop.
We recommend configuring website caching including the LScache plugin with Redis database storage.
For large sites, it is possible to purchase additional parameters such as RAM or additional CPU cores.

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