Yes, it is possible to turn on the access via SSH on all hosting accounts (with the exception of the lowest hosting plan smart-base-micro). The SSH access can be turned on manually in the customer panel.

Nothing, because all our plans have no transfer limits!

Of course, yes! Our DNS servers are physically located in different locations (in two different ASNs), in two different geographic locations, connected to the Internet by different providers.

You have the ability to manage the entire space of your hosting account. There is no strict allocation of space for web pages or mail. On the other hand, it is possible to limit the capacity of individual mailboxes, although it is not recommended (often forgetting about the limit is the reason for not receiving emails).

Technical - SSL certificate

All our hosting accounts have built-in free SSL certificates of the Let's encrypt brand. The installation of this certificate is very simple and takes only a few seconds.

Check our guide: Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate installation

Technical - databases

Database server host address is localhost.

Technical - e-mail configuration

On servers we have installed a multi-stage, anti-spam protection.

  • each mail is checked with the SpamAsassin program and messages that have scores above 20 points (specification of SpamAssassin - the value of 20 guarantees with almost 100% certainty that it is spam) are automatically rejected.
  • each address is checked on several RBL blacklists (Realtime Black List) including:,,, However, we use our own exclusion of addresses from the above mentioned lists.
  • we use our own list of spammers, who we block by their IP addresses.
  • we use verification of senders, to make sure that the sender's domain exists, etc.

Each user of the server can independently set the rules for the program SpamAsassin in the panel, which allow eg. To add to the titles of messages the word *** SPAM *** or simply deleting the spam. Settings can be made for the entire hosting account or for the individual e-mail accounts.

On all our servers we have correctly configured SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records to receive mail from other servers without problems.

On our servers mail forwarding also works correctly, thanks to the properly configured SPF:SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) mechanism. With it you can safely forward emails, confident that they will reach the recipients and will not be classified as spam.

Here you can read more about SPF:SRS authorization

Configuration for outgoing mail:

SMTP Port: 587, if encrypted with SSL/TLS (normal password): 465

Configuration for incoming mail:

IMAP Port: 143, if encrypted with SSL/TLS (normal password): 993


POP3 Port: 110, if encrypted with SSL/TLS (normal password): 995

We perform complete migration for our clients. If you want to move your hosting to us, we can move your www website as well as email accounts with all the messages (including the imap folders, if they are used).

The service is free of charge.

Yes, each message that comes to the servers is scanned for viruses. Contaminated messages are automatically deleted.

Yes - the smarthost servers support the port 587 (smtp-submission) for sending mails. Looking as the port 587 is the preffered port for sending mail with client side mailing applications, we recomend changing the port in the mailing program from the default port 25 to the port 587.

Finances, payments

The hosting plan can be changed at any moment in the billing panel:

When you change your plan a new payment is automatically generated thats based on the difference between the old and new plan prices that take into account the number of days remaining till the end of the current settlement period.

After you complete the online payment, the changes will be made automatically in the moment that the paymet is done.

Script installation: Joomla, Wordpress etc

Of course, on our servers, there are plenty of installed WordPresses. For the convinience of our Customers we created a tutorial, how to step-by-step install this popular system and how to move it from your own computer to our servers:

WordPress installation step-by-step (under construction)

Moving WordPress from local computer to server (under construction)

Yes, we realize that one of the advantages of add-ons for WordPress, Joomla and others is the huge amount of them, thanks to the active community of Internet users. We recommend that you regularly take care of updating modules, templates, plugins and etc.

We also care about your safety by not letting scripts of unknown origin to cause damage on your website. On servers we have implemented a protection against over 4000 exploits.

Important information

Dns servers: ( ( (

Mail configuration:

Outgoing/incoming e-mail server is your main/technical domain or any of your additional domains on your hosting account.

You can use:
(advice: "customer-domain" is your domain).

Webmail access:

Technical support 24h:

Online Payments



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