Hosting for resellers
In cases where the creator of websites offers its clients hosting accounts, it is worth to use the offer for resellers.

Such service involves assigning reseller access to server resources, which can independently divide and resell to its customers.

Access concerns the use of:
  • server management system (WHM) - the ability to define your own hosting packages (capacity, transfer, domains, e-mails, databases, etc.);
  • hosting management panel (cPanel) - each customer of the reseller receives his own panel (which can have its own reseller settings, eg logo or color).
The server disk capacity devoted to the reseller is overbooked, i.e. having, for example, 100GB, you can set up accounts with a much larger total capacity, because up to 100GB only the realistically occupied space on the hosting accounts is counted.
From the point of view of our administrators, reseller accounts are full-fledged hosting accounts on a given server, i.e.: they are subject to standard procedures, such as:
  • regular backup;
  • care for updating the server software;
  • possibility of usage preview (processor, memory) on each hosting account;
  • anti-virus scanning of incoming e-mail;
  • on-the-fly scanning of our unique anti-exploit system (which captures over 4,000 exploits on popular systems: like Joomla, Wordpres, phpBB, etc.).
It is worth paying attention to the fact that we do not limit the reseller package as a whole (eg. the occupation of the processor or memory), but each of the accounts separately. This is a unique solution that allows you to get much better performance of accounts due to the fact that they are not limited together in a reseller account. Each of them works completely independently, as if they were full, standard accounts on our servers.
Hosting for reseller packages
If you want to have the highest possible quality on the Internet - hosting for reseller packages are for you.
res-50 res-100 res-200
Storage 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Customers cPanel accounts 50 100 200
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Full account separation tak tak tak
Servers in Europe tak tak tak
MySQL databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PostgreSQL databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PHP versions: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 tak tak tak
PHP version changeable by the user tak tak tak
Anti-Exploit system tak tak tak
Free SSL certificate for all domains tak tak tak
Yearly uptime 99,9% 99,9% 99,9%
Individual hosting plans for each customer tak tak tak
Individual hosting limits for each account tak tak tak
Monthly price is permanent.
Renewal price of the hosting plan will be the same.
Monthly Price (net):
25.00 €
Monthly Price (net):
40.00 €
Monthly Price (net):
70.00 €

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