Premium-ssd packages are characterized by elevated performance parameters compared to classic shared hosting.

Premium-ssd-business plan is a package included in the premium hosting offer with one of the highest offered capacities. This package is proposed for large stores, when both very high efficiency and a large amount of storage space are important.

Premium-ssd packages are characterized by higher performance parameters comparing to classic shared hosting.

The lowest latency, the highest server resources (processor, memory, I/O), the fastest disks in the highest quality disk array. Everywhere where maximum performance counts, you need to reach for the highest-end offer. We have created a new type of packages for the most demanding customers: premium hosting.

With premium-ssd packages, we don't even mention such obvious features as: unlimited transfer, unlimited number of files on your account, daily data backup, etc.


  • storage: 50GB
  • domains: Unlimited
  • databases: Unlimited
  • performance: high
  • technical support: yes
Main premium hosting features
  • servers are build on SSD, connected in RAID10 matrix
  • large amount of RAM available for the client
  • large CPU resources
  • HTTP/2 available (significantly accelerating the presentation of websites in the https protocol)
  • Apache 2.4 with LiteSpeed module
  • SSH access
  • large I/O and IOPS for maximum performance
Additional features
  • many php versions (7.2, 7.3, 7.4) – version per domain
  • anti-exploit system which detects over 4000 common exploits
  • care 24/7 (both in terms of software updates as well as ongoing help and backups)
  • regularly updated server software
  • full accounts separation based on LVE technology
  • free SSL certificates (cPanel/Comodo or Let's Encrypt)
  • 14-day free trial account
Storage 50 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Domains Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited
E-mail accounts Unlimited
Free SSL certificate yes
SSD storage yes
FTP accounts Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited
Anti-exploit system yes
Limit of files Unlimited
Daily backup yes
Servers in Europe yes
Panel: cPanel 11 yes
Full accounts' separation yes
PHP versions: 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 yes
Switch PHP version yes
MySQL 5.7 (MariaDB 10.3) yes
Cron access yes
PostgreSQL database yes
Webdisk yes
DNS zone editor yes
The ability to install SSL certificates yes
SSH access yes
Node.js Hosting yes
14-day free trial yes
Tech support yes
GDPR compliance yes
Dedicated IP optional
RAM for account 1 GB
Concurrent processes 30
CPU resources 100% of core
I/O read 15 000 kB/s
Free coffee yes
Free migration yes
Dedicated IPv6 yes
Annual Price:
119.00 €

Order hosting 14 day free trial
Our prices are fixed, in each subsequent year the renewal price of the package is the same.
Basic hosting features
Additional technical data premium-ssd-business hosting plan (main features):
  1. Hosting panel: English version of cPanel
  2. E-mail account managment
  3. Alias and e-mail forwarding managment
  4. FTP account managment
  5. E-mail filtering managment
  6. MySQL database managment
  7. Access to phpMyAdmin
  8. Antispam filters
  9. Antivirus scaner for e-mail
  10. Webmail
  11. Files webmenager
  12. Safety backups for entire account (backups are made every day, 7 last copies are availabe)
  13. Anti-exploit system detects over 4000 exploits for popular scripts
  14. Free SSL certificates for all domain in hosting account (issued by cPanel/Comodo or Let's Encrypt)
  15. Ability to change PHP version per domain
Additional technical data premium-ssd-business hosting plan (statistic):
  1. Bandwidth statistics
  2. CPU usage and number of processes statistics
  3. Disk space usage statistics
  4. Visits statistics - webalizer, awstats
  5. Preview the last website visitors  (latest visitor)
  6. Preview web server error logs
Additional technical data premium-ssd-business hosting plan (Advanced features):
  1. Authorization settings (SPF, DomainKeys)
  2. Mail forwarding authorization settings (SPF:SRS)
  3. IP Black list managment (IP Deny Manager)
  4. Directory indexing managment
  5. Directory passwords managment
  6. PHP config preview
  7. Spam filter managment (SpamAssassin)
  8. Resource notifications managment (exceeding capacity of email account, disk space, transfer)
  9. Hotlink protection