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To convince you to use our hosting, we present some facts about us:

242.jpgSmarthost.eu is the company employs a full-time permanent staff. Most of them are qualified specialists in the courses of studies.
241.jpgSmarthost.eu is a company operating for over 14 years on the market, from the beginning offering hosting services.
244.jpgSmarthost.eu has it own datacenter, do not use the rented datacenter "somewhere". Our servers in a many of rack cabinets are always at hand.
243.jpgSmarthost.eu is a globally service, used at the moment, by more than 3,000 customers from across the Europe.
240.jpgSmarthost.eu is company serving for both: large corporations or small portals and single companies.
245.jpgSmarthost.eu is an automated web hosting but our administrators also manage servers on behalf of our clients.
Important information

Dns servers:

dns.smarthost.eu (
dns2.smarthost.eu (
dns3.smarthost.eu (

Mail configuration:

Outgoing/incoming e-mail server is your main/technical domain or any of your additional domains on your hosting account.

You can use: 
(advice: "customer-domain" is your domain).

Webmail access:

Technical support 24h: helpdesk.smarthost.eu

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