Litespeed or Apache , what should i choose for my site?

Most of users ask themselves- schould i choose apache serwer or mayby litespeed serwer?

Today i will try to help people with that problem .

Now the most of site serwers are based on apache system , but serwers based on  litespeed is gaining more and more popularity . Customers for whom the main measure of the site is performance should be interested in such a solution, because it can be much more efficient than the server based on Apache.

 What should lead the client to choose a server based on Litespeed?

 Users with very expanded websites based on the popular CMS WordPress, Joomla or Drupal use a lot of plugins and images to create them. All these “add-ons” mean that the site can be sluggish and resource-consuming.

 For very expanded big websites a big problem with efficency should be a big .htaccess file which directly affects to efficency  of site , because every time must be loaded and processed. In Litespeed serwer loading .htaccess file is solved differently through using .htaccess caching , so  .htaccess does not affect negatively to efficency of site.

 Other think that can affect to efficency of website is using SSL acceleration , what affect directly to https page loading speed, which can be loaded three times faster than in Apache.

 Api of LiteSpeed serwer is loading dynamical content of web application definitely faster than other api what causes that PHP,Ruby,Python works to 50% faster than Apache.

  LiteSpeed architecture also allows to handle static questions much faster then Apache with high page load it can be even 10 times faster.

 Certainly many users can ask about compatibility with the currently used apache module, in this matter LiteSpeed is compatible with all basic modules like mod_rewrite, mod_security, mod_include or mod_cache.

In summary, wanting to choose serwer for big sites which notice many visits LiteSpeed will be definietly a better choice due to the processing efficency of the elements used on websites and compatibility with modules created for Apache.

If site is rarely visited an is a straight page it isn’t worth investing additional resources in hosting based on Lite Speed , because webiste very often don’t take advantage of the possibilities offered by LiteSpeed.

Data about efficency are from oficial site


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