SSL certificates

While registering an SSL certificate you should pay attention to several immportant elements.

Confirmation of ownership of the domain for which the certificate is generated

When registering an SSL certificate you must show that you are the owner of the domain for which the certificate is purchased. This is done at the stage of certificate generation and involves sending the certificate issuer an e-mail on the address in the domain for which the certificate is generated. Such verification requires that you have, and have access to one of the e-mail addresses:


Of course, "" in this case is the domain for which the certificate is registered.


Before registering a certificate, check if those email addresses

are functioning correctly.

Without receiving the e-mail, generating a
certificate will not be possible


The procedure for registering an SSL certificate

  1. make sure that you have the ability to receive an e-mail from one of the addresses described above
  2. fill out the registration form for the certificate. During registration you will need:
  3. generata the KEY - it is an encrypted string that will need to provide in the hosting panel during the subsequent installation of the certificate. The key fits only to a particular certificate as a pair: the key-certificate. The key generated when ordering a certificate can be downloaded at any time from the customer panel.
  4. generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) - this is an encrypted string that is the information for the certificate issuer, which certificate is supposed to be issued
  5. after issuing the order, the certificate must be paid,
  6. after payment of the order the issuer of the certificate will send an e-mail to the address indicated previously (with the address described above), which will contain a link leading to a web page with two buttons. Click "I APPROVE".
  7. After approval of the issuer, the certificate will be sent to the address indicated above and certificate will also appear in the customer panel. Note: The issuance of the certificate takes several minutes to several dozen - mainly depends on the load on the certificate singer system. Wait for the e-mail with the certificate.
  8. After receiving an e-mail confirming the issuance of a certificate from - you can log in to the customer panel and download the files: KEY (key), CRT (certificate) and CA (intermediate certificate) - those three files will be need to be uploaded to the hosting panel (eg. cPanel) when configuring a domain with an SSL certificate.
Important information

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Outgoing/incoming e-mail server is your main/technical domain or any of your additional domains on your hosting account.

You can use:
(advice: "customer-domain" is your domain).

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