Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate installation

Free SSL certificate on your hosting account
All Smarthost hosting accounts are equipped with the option of free SSL certificates.

To resolve doubts and to answer common questions:

  • you do not need to have a separate IP address for the SSL certificate. In fact, there may be many domains on your single account and each of them can get free SSL certificate
  • the certificates are completely free with auto-renewal system keeping them up to date. Let's encrypt certificates are detected by all web browsers

The certificate should only be generated on your own domain, e.g.
You should not generate an SSL certificate for a technical domain (ending with, e.g.

Certificate installation procedure:

  • Choose hosting plan and create your account
  • Login to the cPanel
  • Move your existing domain to us or buy a new one:

Move the domain to us
Buy domain

Note that if you add the domain as an alias (cPanel -> Aliases), the certificate may not generate. In this case remove the alias and add the domain through cPanel -> Addon Domains.

  • You can add subdomains: cPanel -> Subdomains. Enter the name of the subdomain and select a previously added domain (your own, e.g., not technical e.g.
  • Remove the self-signed certificate:
    cPanel -> Security -> SSL / TLS -> Manage SSL sites -> Uninstall
free ssl certificates
free ssl certificates
free ssl certificates
  • Return to the cPanel and click on the "Let's encrypt" icon.
free ssl certificates
  • Select the domain for which you want to install the certificate. To select more than one domain, hold down the CTRL key.
    Do not select technical domains ending with

free ssl certificates
  • After about 2-3 seconds, the certificate is generated, installed and you can enjoy a secure connection.

Note: The validity period of the certificate is 3 months, but about a month before the expiration date, our system will automatically renew the certificate. This ensures that the certificate is always up to date.

You can test our hosting account for 14 days for free.

Create a hosting account.

If you need to move your webpage from another server, let us know. We will transfer it for you free of charge (full site including mailboxes). Write on