About us

The company's mission is to support enterprises in achieving business goals through creative and conscious use of modern web technologies.

The quarantee of implementation of the main obectjve is achived by continuous and comprehensive development of our offer, the highest level of service and adaptability to the expectations of customers.


The company consists of a team of young people with experience in implementing major projects and who know the specifics of the internet industry. Our potential is the desire to develop and taking care of our knowledge.

The internet is our passion, and the combination of work and passion gives by far the best results.

Our telecommunications high quality services stand out in comparison to the market.

Our services are based on several years of experience in the field of web hosting.

Full involvement of the owners and employees of smarthost.eu for the joint implementation of the quality policy and quality objectives.


By investing in our own datacenter, we are able to provide a completely independent and stable working environment for servers offered to our customers.

Factors such as: bandwidth redundancy based on the BGP protocol, own IP address classes, connection to separate energy substations, secure UPS, firefighting, security, marketing application, modern equipment, 24 hour surveillance of our network and servers allows us to keep the highest quality and reliability of our services.


We want to be a company recognized by customers as a reliable partner.

We want to be a friendly company to employees, customers and society.

We want to spread and share knowledge about the latest technologies and solutions and participate in the global process of development of information technology and telecommunications.

Important information

Dns servers:

dns.smarthost.eu (
dns2.smarthost.eu (
dns3.smarthost.eu (

Mail configuration:

Outgoing/incoming e-mail server is your main/technical domain or any of your additional domains on your hosting account.

You can use: 
(advice: "customer-domain" is your domain).

Webmail access:

Technical support 24h: helpdesk.smarthost.eu

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