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VPS server (ang. Virtual Private Server) service is to divide the machine, which is a server into several smaller - virtual machines. Each customer manages his own server, which, among others, is a complete operating system with full access to the root account. From the outside the vps server looks the same as if it was a full physical machine.

For such a server customer can install software and customize default installed and configured operating system. Most often we install Linux Debian (for the purposes of SSH self-management) or CentOS (for the installation of the cPanel hosting management).

VPS servers are mainly managed by customers via SSH or administrative panel purchased separatelylike WHM / Cpanel.

VPS is ideal for whom a standard hosting is not enough, because the required software can not always be installed on a shared hosting machine. The VPS can also be used when you need full access to the server (including the root account, shell, etc.), and you do not need a dedicated physical server.

Our offer includes both VPS servers with access to the root account via ssh, and VPS servers with control panels such as cPanel. The operating system may be several different Linux distributions - choosen by the customer.

We provide high quality server without the need to incur the cost of maintaining your own technical infrastructure. Servers are branded, powerful server machines with high quality parameters.

All of our servers of the VPS-SSD line are equipped with SSDs (Solid State Disk) with capacity several times higher than traditional HDDs.

KVM vitualization deserves a particular attention in our offer, which is one of the most stable and reliable ways of virtualization, as customer installs the full operating system and not just an overlay like in simpler types of virtualization.

The VPS-SSD server service includes:

Intel Xeon processors,
Hardware RAID array
DDR3 memory
secure, air-conditioned server room,
24 hours a day monitoring,
Server powering from several substations,
uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps port,
links from several independent suppliers,
server room is located in Czestochowa.

On one physical machine we run only a few VPS servers to assure performance and quality (depending on the option chosen by the customer).

In addition, in renting a dedicated server we provide this services:

accounting for the generated traffic on port 100Mbps,
maintaining a DNS server for the clients domain.


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Important information

Dns servers:

dns.smarthost.eu (
dns2.smarthost.eu (
dns3.smarthost.eu (

Mail configuration:

Outgoing/incoming e-mail server is your main/technical domain or any of your additional domains on your hosting account.

You can use: 
(advice: "customer-domain" is your domain).

Webmail access:

Technical support 24h: helpdesk.smarthost.eu

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