Smart-max plan is the highest plan of professional (pro) plans offered by the shared hosting. Above this plan, we suggest that you already buy inexpensive VPS servers. Smart-pro-max plan is chosen largely because of the high storage capacity and large monthly transfer. The plan has its own IP address, so it is possible to install on it your own SSL certificate.

The customer receives the administrative panel of purchased parameters and independently manage their services.

The software is Cpanel X, version 11 (admin panel - management of all services and parameters of accounts: e-mail, domain, ftp, antispam, antivirus, etc.). The software is in English.

14-day free trial account.

annual fee:
net price: 129 € (10,75 monthly)
(gross price: nett price + VAT depending on Your country)


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Important information

Dns servers: ( ( (

Mail configuration:

Outgoing/incoming e-mail server is your main/technical domain or any of your additional domains on your hosting account.

You can use:
(advice: "customer-domain" is your domain).

Webmail access:

Technical support 24h:

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