LiteSpeed NVMe hosting plans
LiteSpeed hosting plans are the fastest on internet,offering best efficiency because of using modern commercial LiteSpeed server instead of Apache server. This kind of hosting is using big amount of server resources (processor,RAM memory,I/O) and fastes storage drives (NVMe drives connected in matrix).

LiteSpeed Cache plugin (LSCache) combined with dedicated for each user Redis server, allows you to get possibly the best performance of your website these days.

Every account have Web Application FireWall (WAF) packages.

LiteSpeed hosting LiteSpeed includes lot of newest technologies that are providing very good performance of your website like:http/2 ,QUIC protocol,and most secure technology TLS 1.3.

LiteSpeed premium packages of course includes classic features such as: unlimited data transfer,no limitations of files on account, daily data backup etc.

Technically and qucik: LiteSpeed hosting with LSCache plugin, dedicated Redis server, NVMe storage, 1 GB RAM, 1 full processor core, TTFB in miliseconds, full separation of accounts, antiexploit system, Anti-DDOS system.
LiteSpeed NVMe hosting plans
If you want to have the highest possible quality on the Internet - LiteSpeed NVMe plans are for you.
premium-ls-mini premium-ls-www premium-ls-store premium-ls-business
Storage 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB 50 GB
Bandwidth unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Domains 5 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Databases 5 20 unlimited unlimited
E-mail accounts 10 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Free SSL certificates yes yes yes yes
SSD storage yes yes yes yes
Antiexploit system yes yes yes yes
Daily backup yes yes yes yes
Redis server yes yes yes yes
LiteSpeed server yes yes yes yes
FTP accounts 5 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Subdomains unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) yes yes yes yes
Full .htaccess configuration yes yes yes yes
http/2 + QUIC yes yes yes yes
TLSv1.3 yes yes yes yes
Anti-DDoS Filtering yes yes yes yes
Web Application Firewall (WAF) yes yes yes yes
Limit of files unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Servers in Europe yes yes yes yes
Hosting Panel: cPanel 11 yes yes yes yes
Dedicated IPv6 yes yes yes yes
Full account separation yes yes yes yes
PHP versions: 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0 yes yes yes yes
Switch PHP version yes yes yes yes
MySQL 5.7 yes yes yes yes
Cron access yes yes yes yes
PostgreSQL Databases yes yes yes yes
Webdisk yes yes yes yes
DNS Zone Editor yes yes yes yes
SSL certificate instalation yes yes yes yes
SSH access yes yes yes yes
Node.js yes yes yes yes
Free 14 days test account yes yes yes yes
Technical Support yes yes yes yes
GDPR compliance yes yes yes yes
Dedicated IP optional optional optional optional
RAM for account 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Concurrent processes 16 20 20 30
CPU resources 100% of core 100% of core 100% of core 100% of core
I/O read 50 000 kB/s 50 000 kB/s 50 000 kB/s 50 000 kB/s
Free coffee yes yes yes yes
Annual price is permanent.
Renewal price of the hosting plan will be the same every year.
Annual Price (net):
39.00 €
Annual Price (net):
59.00 €
Annual Price (net):
89.00 €
Annual Price (net):
129.00 €

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