Why technical domain is a good solution?

What is a technical domain for hosting account?

Each client, by creating a hosting account recives from us a free technical domain in form login.smarthost.pl (where login is the account name given when ordering the hosting package)

What is it and what is it for?

Technical domain is a good solution to test your site before the target domain .

The use of techncical domain and additional domains is very flexible for the future.

A practical example of using a technical domain on a hosting account.

Technical domain always points to the directory /public_html

By pinning an addicional domain to the account a directory is usually created for it eg. For the domain „customer-domain.eu” it will be /public_html/customer-domain.eu and in this directory we must have files for this website.

If a new verios of website will be created, we can test it in technical domain.

-We need to create directory eg. /public_html/newsite2019

-Drop new site  files into catalog newsite2019

-Now go to the new website by entering in browser adress  login.smarthost.eu/newsite2019

Catalog /newsite2019 will be invisible from customer-domain.eu domain , but we cen enter from technical domain.

After completing a new page test, we can change a destination folder of domain customer-domain.eu from /public_html/customer-domain.eu to /public_html/newsite2019 and a changes will be visible immediately. If the technical domain for the accounts was purchased from the registrar’s target domain, it wouldn’t be possible  because it would always have to point to main catalog /public_html.

Other advantages of having a technical domain on the hosting account.

-You can easily switch  domains between directories

-You can conveniently unpin an reattach additional domains wthout losing the email accounts that are in these domains

-Conveniently You can migrate email accounts , both within one account and as part of multiple accounts.

Each account created as a part of Smarthost.eu hosting recives a technical domain wit name chosen by the customer when setting up a hosting account.  


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