How do I restore a backup copy of my data in JetBackup 5?

An article on restoring data from a backup has already appeared on our blog, but after the release of the new version of JetBackup 5, we also use it on our servers, so a guide on how to restore data in the new version had to be created.

Thanks to the JetBackup software, you can restore files, databases or e-mails yourself. It is a very convenient and fast way. In this guide you will learn how to restore a single file as well as the entire directory. However, before we start, the first thing to do is log in to your cPanel account.


1.Setting the e-mail address for notifications.
2.Restore files and folders.
3.Restoring databases.
4.Restoring emails.
5.Restore Queue.

The first action we recommend is to set up an email address, thanks to which you will receive notifications about the progress of the backup restore.

After clicking on “My Account” next to the username, we will see the following view:

Most likely, an empty field will be visible – there we enter our e-mail address to which we want to receive notifications. After saving the changes, the following message should appear: “Success”.

  1. Restore files and/or folders

In the main view in cPanel, select “JetBackup 5”. After this action, the available backups that can be restored will appear on the screen.

To start the file recovery process, click on the arrows on the left side of the screen (1). Operation is simple and intuitive. To restore files, click “Home Dir” (2).

Then we can choose the date from which the backup will be restored (3) and what files/folders are to be restored (4).

In our example, we will restore the entire “Presta17” folder by simply selecting it as below.

Then we can click on “Select Files”.

Having already selected the files and the date to be restored, we can select the backup and click on “Restore”.

You will then be prompted to start restoring or abort. Of course, we click “Restore Selected Items” which will add the restore to the queue.

Then we can go back to the queue – Queue symbolized by the clock icon and check if the files have already been restored.

  1. Restoring databases

As with files, we can also restore or download the database. We do this by going to “DB” instead of “Home DIR” as before

Next, we find the database we want to restore and select the date from which it will be restored. We select it on the left side and proceed as when restoring files.

In addition to restoring the database, you must also restore the user you select in “DB Users”. We restore here in the same way as before.

  1. Restoring email accounts

At the moment when we want to restore the e-mail account, as in previous cases, enter JetBackup 5.

Then click on “Emails” and all email accounts will be displayed. We can change the date from which the case will be restored.

After finding the e-mail account and selecting the date, we can restore this account as in previous cases.

Note: Please note that emails received after the backup date will be lost after the backup is restored.

  1. Restore Queue

All items ordered to be restored (files, directory, databases, etc.) go to the queue and are executed one by one. The queue function will allow us to view the current operations that are being performed and those that have already been completed.

Operations already performed have a green inscription “Completed”, while operations in progress have a progress bar and in these cases you should wait.

Depending on the size of the restored backup, such a restore may take from several seconds to several dozen minutes.

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