5 proofs that Smarthost can be a partner of industry events

In 2015, we decided to go bolder to people by sending our brand to the north of Poland. Smarthost appeared in Gdańsk and Szczecin. All in cooperation with the organizers of JoomlaDay Poland 2015 and the third Joomla! Meeting. User Group – Szczecin. Based on common, good experiences (the organizers will confirm) next year, we want to continue our trips around Poland. Below, we encourage you to contact us and questions about cooperation in five points.



Participants in your events will be equipped with small gadgets. They will have something to write about (pens) and what to drink coffee or tea (mugs) and they will even get a place for their own website (hosting worth PLN 99!).


In addition to the above gadgets, we also provide our advertising materials. We send everything to the address indicated.

After events, such fanites get to us:


We do not have to be only on banners or in the form of final phantoms. The proof can be one of the lectures at the third Joomla meeting! User Group – Szczecin, run by Michał Wargacki with the title: “Moving a website from a local server to a Smarthost.pl server”. Our example gives you a lot of industry knowledge.


We can describe a party even if we are not present on it under a physical figure. We have taken up the challenge of describing JoomlaDay 2015 without unchecking our attendance list in Gdansk. We rely only on Brand24 and social media reports of the participants themselves.

Its sounds encouragingly? For more details, contact us here.

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