Adding your domain to Smarthost

Adding domain

  1. Click ‘Addon Domains’ at cPanel.
  2. Enter the name of your domain. Separate directory will be created for it. You can check FTP option to create FTP account associated with root directory of this website.
  3. Copy all your files to newly created directory. You can use cPanel’s File Manager or connect via FTP.
    If your website requires SQL database, create one, then database user, then add user to database. Copy database content from previous hosting account. Check all your configuration files, database name, user name, password and address (localhost).
  4. You can create e-mail accounts via cPanel.
  5. Change DNS server addresses in your domain register control panel
    Server DNS 1 →
    Server DNS 2 →
    Server DNS 3 →
    DNS change operation may take up to 24 hours.

Domain transfer

You can also transfer your domain to Smarthost and make payments for hosting and domain through our Customer Panel. In case of that, you will need AUTHINFO code, which you can obtain from your domain register. If you have it, login to our Customer Panel (not cPanel) and go to Domains → Domain transfer. Fill the form using AUTHINFO code.


If you want to create subdomain, e.g. you should add it through cPanel → Subdomains.